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Car Auction's

We provide access to all of Japan's major auction houses with thousands of cars available to bid on every week and our dedicated staff are here to assist you in finding and exporting your dream car.

So how does it all work?

1. We'll give you free access to view the auctions online and once you're ready to bid we need to take a 100,000 yen deposit to start bidding which will be added to your account and deducted from your purchase/ fully refundable.

2. Bidding, Once you've found the car you want to bid on simply email us the vehicle auction number and the bid amount. (we can help in deciding how high to bid judging by the recent sold statistics for that vehicle) If successful we'll notify you of the successful bid, if not you'll also be notified to let you know the winning bid amount. 

3. Payment, We'll send you an invoice containing the FOB amount and payment method.

4. Shipping, Your sales representative will inform you of the soonest available vessel departing to your nearest port. Shipping arrangements will be made after we have confirmed your payment. with the exception of cars not yet old enough to be exported which will be transported to our yard for long-term storage.

5. Documents and export certificate, All documents are sent once the vehicle has been loaded on the vessel and the customer has paid the invoice in full. Once the invoice is paid in full, the de-registration process begins. All documents are sent by EMS or DHL courier. All documents we provide will be the required documents you will need to register in your own country.

Flat 100,000 jpy plus inland transport and shipping costs.

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