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Auction buying and sending service,

We can buy and send almost any item from Japan through, Yahoo auction, up garage, tuning shops and oem.


We charge 10% of the item cost per item for this service but have a minimum base fee of 2000 yen.

Other fee's include inland post, international post, Japan bank fee's and Paypal fee's.

Paypal fee calculator here

Special fee's 

Tire removal 1000 yen per tire

Oversize Aero cutting 1000 yen per piece.



​After receiving the final invoice for parts orders you will have 10 days to complete the payment、After that we have to charge a storage fee of 1,000 yen per week.

The maximum storage period is 90 days, if no contact or payment is made after that period we will dispose of the parts/ items and keep your deposit. (this is not something we want to do, but we cannot hold onto items for extended periods of time due to space restrictions.)

Explanation PDF here

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