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Car Inspection's

We are certified to carry out NZTA pre-export inspections and have years of experience in the motor industry in importing and exporting allowing us to comprehensively inspect and assess the entire vehicle giving you the most transparent buying experience.

What does our inspection include?

1. Video inspection, (This can be live or recorded). It includes a full walk-around of the vehicle inside and out pointing out all damage/ imperfections we find along with any extra features on the vehicle, during this inspection we will start the car if possible to confirm the mechanical condition.

( if possible also include an underside inspection video)

2. Cosmetic inspection, We will comment and report on the vehicle's cosmetic condition. Checking the paint for imperfection's, repairs and signs of respray.​

Pannel damage will also be recorded and body panel gaps checked for evidence of repair. 

Interior will be checked for overall tear's, rips, stain's and smell as well as confirming the functionality of the interior electronics and mechanisms.

3. structural inspection, We will check the vehicle for any signs of structural damage including body panel replacement, rust/corrosion and any signs of impacts of tampering with the original vehicle.

4. Mechanical inspection, We will do our best where possible to asses the condition of the mechanical components of the vehicle, reporting any of our findings. 

5. written report, We will then submit you a written report on our findings highlighting all the good and bad points of the vehicle including comprehensive images.


The inspection fee including all of the above is 20,000 yen plus the transportation costs. (Additional 10,000 yen is added if the travel time is over 8 hours)

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